A brief history The seeds were probably planted when I first became good friends with Joe and Jonathan. They are two great examples of the many innately amazing musicians out of Decatur and watching all of them play music and progress over the years has been something I’ve cherished from the get-go. In the first … More Belial


I am…  a curator, musician, writer, healer, and alien I have…  roots in the South but a heart for New York A few of my favorite things…  peonies, epiphanies, fuzzy everything, cuddles, making out, and pie  A typical outfit for me is…  Nikes, a silk scarf, leopard coat, and big earrings I never leave my … More Capucine

Sleep Weather

Sleep Weather is Chris B (guitar/vocals), Hunter R (guitar/vocals), Chris S (bass), Allen M (drums).  About Sleep Weather is a four piece birthed in a trailer in Byron, GA – which is probably a place that you’ve never heard of, and rightly so. To sum up the scene of middle GA is to say very … More Sleep Weather

Ghost Fest. Forever

“need this ghost” by Kyle Adams joyful levels of artistic discussion is radiating throughout this place. there is a thirst for simple beauty in the repertoire and in this venue, under colorful lights, it is quenched. everyone here is more complex than the last, speaking to one another makes this clear but this does not … More Ghost Fest. Forever

Ghost Fest. Info

With Ghost Fest less than a week away I wanted to take a second for some quick details Doors open at 2:00// Show starts at 3:00 $5 per wristband Wristbands will get you in and out all day  ❤ Set times are subject to change. All the bands are really good so try and see as … More Ghost Fest. Info


“Be tuff and be caring be anything you need. Create cause it’s what we were born to do.” About Devilsteef by Devilsteef: Devilsteef is Bobbie Payne on bass guitar and vocals, Cassie Roya Baher on guitar and vocals, and Margarita Castro on drums. The following is everything you need to know about this all female, … More DevilsTeef

Mental State

About Mental State: Mental State consists of me- Hollan (vocals), Cam (guitar), Nick (drums), and Jarred (bass). We all have been involved in the Birmingham music scene for a while and Cam, Nick, and Jarred have all been in different local bands for as long as I can remember. I had been wanting to front … More Mental State