Ghost Fest. Info



With Ghost Fest less than a week away I wanted to take a second for some quick details

Doors open at 2:00// Show starts at 3:00

$5 per wristband

Wristbands will get you in and out all day  ❤

Set times are subject to change.

All the bands are really good so try and see as many as you can!!

Snacks, waters, and vegan pumpkin pies for sale.

Free candy because you’re never too old for trick or treat.

Tshirts and stickers will be for sale.

Tshirts: $10 (includes free sticker)

Small stickers: Free if you give me your email 

Larger stickers $1

+ many of the bands will have merch for sale!!



There will be a photo wall but use any/all opportunities to take photos, boomerangs, tweets, pinterest boards, myspace posts, fb live videos, etc. to document this wonderful time of fellowship.


and/or tag me in the posts @annasghostt

You can email me photos, post them on the event page, etc. etc. etc.

I will use some of the photos to make a giant Ghost Fest post 🙂


Lastly, Ghost Fest is a place of acceptance, fun, and enjoyment.

That means you should show up ready to have a good time with great music and overly festive everything.

I am excited to see you there!

Event page:

Read what the Times Journal has to say: 

Keep up with me & all the Ghost Fest updates on social: 

Instagram: annasghostt //  Twitter: @annasghost// Snapchat: annamoriah FB:






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