Meadows | Likewise

Christian Nielsen- Vocals/ Lyricist | Stone Creel- Guitar/BGV | Armando Penagos- Guitar/BGV/Graphic Design | Brandon Dabbs- Bass | Evan Wagnon- Drums The album was recorded with Bryan Papic of Luckyhorse Recording at multiple locations including The Church at Brook Hills studio, Luckyhorse studio, and other house studios, and then mixed and mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Recording. Influences: … More Meadows | Likewise


Treasure By:  A. Summers Treasure is a collection of poems written by the talented Andy Summerford.  Buy the book at

Happy Valentines

Valentines Day is my second favorite holiday that exists (the first is Halloween obviously). My favorite way to spend Valentines Day (well really most days) is watching movies. I threw together a quick movie list for days like today.  So cuddle up with yourself, an animal, or someone special and enjoy. My gift to you ❤

Tom George

Music is a necessity.  Whether I am just actively or passively listening it is something that has always been present within my life.  I can’t put into words the impact it has made on me.  It is truly indescribable. The Beginning  I started learning how to play instruments when I was seven years old.  I … More Tom George

Just Friends/New Year

Our friends, Just Friends, just released a song for the New Year. Check it out.  Recorded by Lucas Smith of Lucky Sound Studios   Jesse McClendon – sang and guitar(s) Dakota Wright – bass Nick Bryant – drums Eric McClendon – cover photo

Year One

Download the full version of Year One here! Year One of has come to an end. What better way to celebrate the future than looking back on 2016 and remembering all the amazing people that have graced us with their words, art, photos, tips, tricks, and constant love and support. My gift to you. … More Year One


How would you describe your band? Wingin’ It, our full length album title, basically describes us best. We don’t try to fit into most music scenes. Not saying we avoid it, we just write what we feel. That’s why our music doesn’t all really fall into the same category. We just write ’em and jam … More Sunraider